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About the Founder:

Kapil Mittal is the Founder of Style Stellar, parent company of Lurewear. Since its inception, in the year 2014, month of June, the lingerie brand for women has expanded its presence across the most popular ecommerce sites of India, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal and more.

A graduate in Economics from DU and a MBA from Pune, Kapil Mittal has contributed 4 years of his life to the engineering industry. However, it was his passion for designing that brought him back to the merchandising profession.

As the present generation of a kindred tied to the lingerie business since the past 40 years, his connection to the industry was more than a whim and passion. Kapil Mittal not only has a deep understanding of the current lingerie market, but has also developed an insight on the existing “gaps”, purchasing behavior of the consumers, and their extant requirements.

Lurewear was established with the motive to imbue the current market with a sense of style and comfort available in a pocket friendly range for women of today’s generation who cognize with the importance of garbing.  

Bubble A Rendezvous with Kapil Mittal, Mastermind of StyleSteller

Q: Tell us a little about your background?

A:  I was born and raised in Delhi. After completing Graduation from Delhi University, I pursued Masters in Business Administration from Pune and was devout to the IT industry for 4 long years  -I have always had a passion for designing and would spent hours sketching attires in my free time. I chose to give my passion a professional updo and started Style Stellar in the year 2014. 

Q: What inspired the inception of Style Stellar?

A: It was in the year 2014, month of June, when I decided to follow my dreams and extend the legacy of my family who were into the lingerie business since the past 40 years and start Style Stellar. It was during my experience while working for the family business with my father, when I discerned the vast scope and the promising future of the lingerie industry. With Ecommerce flourishing in our country, I saw my window of opportunity right there and focused on the huge “gap” in the Indian lingerie market. There was plenty of comfort for those who prioritized it, and then there was plenty of class and style for the modish. There are teenagers and women out there who crave for both, in an affordable rate. That is what inspired the brand Lurewear, by Style Stellar. We offer a perfect amalgamation of regular underpants, comfortable for daily uses, which are designed keeping in mind the current trends of the industry.

Q: What made you choose the name “Lurewear” for your brand?

A: What do you think has changed in the lingerie industry in all these years? Why the fanfares for brands like Victoria’s Secrets? The truth is, lingerie has a definition of its own AESTHETICALLY in today’s generation. It can not only add to the beauty of presentation of the clothes, but has its own story to tell. Infact models do not require a lavish couture or historical architecture to influence the mass if her lingerie is expressive enough. With the drastic change in the perception of the society, “Lurewear” or that which lures a woman to drape in its aura and a man to a woman’s den sounded like the best match to define the brand’s attitude.

Q: What distinguishes Lurewear from the other brands?

A: Our collection is primarily divided into 3 different varieties.

Comforting Hipsters: Designed with complete frontal and rear coverage with low rise cuts for saree, salwar suits and trousers.
Stylish Waistbands: The waistbands are designed to tuck in the extra flab within its layer and are also suitable to be worn with low waist trousers and skirts.
Desireful Bikinis: These are Low rise briefs that can comfortably hide within the layers of clothes without the need of hassling with belts.
Apart from aforementioned, we have also recently started a line of panties, bloomers and vests for kids.

Q: How do you envision your business grow in the next 5 years?

A:  Our growing presence in some of the most successful ecommerce sites of the country, has been motivating our team to continue forecasting trends and needs of the mass and introduce new designs to the Indian market. Our brand strategy focuses entirely on the buying behavior of our consumers and we shall continue to offer promising quality with great style. The essence of our brand is the understanding of “comfort for regular wear” in affordable rates and we shall not lose our essence in the upcoming years, however we plan to add more and more high-end styles to our product catalogues and extend our reach in retail stores as well.

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